Jewelry select shop give the color happy two 『JK planet』

We deal with fine designer brands from home and abroad and offer bridal jewelry that fits your lifestyle.

Since our establishment in 1990, we’ve been providing high-quality wedding and engagement rings, and diamonds, chosen through a reliable eye for beauty. We believe you will find yourself treasuring our jewelry for long.

Take your time to your heart’s content to find your right one in our sophisticated spaces.



JK planet is proud of our merchandise quality.
We offer rings with high-purity platinum and gold and diamonds with
certificates of the global standard in order for you to enjoy the
beauty and the luster of our jewelry throughout a lifetime.


We are committed to provide rings comfortable to wear every day.
We deal with rings delicately made and designed to details such as the
inner side of a ring that touches your skin.


We provide dedicated after-the-sale service.
Don’t hesitate to visit us when you request cleaning or size
adjustment of our merchandise. We would like our rings to be with you
as long as possible in your life, starting a new, happy chapter now.

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