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Official website of 【JK planet】 specialized in engagement and wedding rings in Ginza, Tokyo

JK planet GINZA

Address 1F, GINZA GS BLDG. 8-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL 03-6280-6927
Opening Hours 11:00~19:30
CLOSE Wednesdays(Except for national holidays)
Nearest station Ginza(6-minute walk) / Higashi-Ginza(6-minute walk)
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JK Planet Ginza is located at the intersection of Ginza Chuo Street 7 Chome and Ginza Hanatsubaki Street.
Specialized shop for more than1000 wedding and engagement rings and diamonds from highly selected 16 brands.
Gemologists(GIA.G.G)will help you find the best for you from our jewelry of high quality.
JK Planet Ginza, exclusively deals with popular brands such as JUPITER, AbHeri, CHER LUV, AMOUR AMULET,LANVIN, and Disney official bridal rings with a good selection.

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